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page2_img1We are specialized in sale of test and measurement equipment for electronics laboratories or electricians

In our Store you will find a wide choice of products and brands that stands for quality and competitive prices.

For any question regarding our products feel free to contact us at info@118volt.it or by phone dialing the: (+39) 06 989 601 57

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why choose us?

We know what we sell and we can recommend the tools that best suit your needs.

We run extensive test quality on all equipment we sell and we have a small laboratory to do minor repairs when needed. With our organization we can offer a pre-sale and post-sale service up to any professional requirement.


Within our web site you will find an area where we publish technical articles, reviews and tutorials dedicated to the world of electronics and electricity. These contents represent one of the greatest strengths of our service and we are particularly proud of its.

Next day shipping with DHL Express service.

You can latterly have goods you ordered in 48h .

100% satisfaction garatied

Not 100% satisfied? Send an email to sales@118volt.it and we’ll be happy to offer you a refund within 14 days.