Brymen BM257s


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Generic TRUE RMS multimeter – 6000 count – 600V CATIII – best quality for price

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Product Description

This is the new TRUE RMS Brymen multimeter with same specifications and functions of the BM257 now built in compliance with EN61010-1 3rd Edition. It includes also a new set of quality leads with soft plastic insulated wire, gold plated tips and removable insulation caps.

This multimeter has some special functions like LOW-Z and NCV especially designed for electricians. It also implements all functions needed in electronic engineering (like uA and mV measurements).

"By a fast inspection I must say that it is a well engineered multimeter."
    » David L. Jones → EEVBlog

LOW-Z is a way to measure voltage with low impedance and is good to prevent phantom readings.

NCV is a build-in contact free detection of energy fields and can be used to double check if a circuit or wiring is energized or not.

It has a 6000 counts display with backlight and analog bar-graph for easy and fast reading. This multimeter can be also connect to a Windows PC for data logging with an OPTIONAL IR to USB adapter.

The instrument complies with IEC 61010-1 3RD Edition and is rated for CATIV 300V – CATIII 600V, CATII 1000V

It is shipped with a holster, test leads, temperature probe (-50°C – +250°C), batteries and user manual.

Other multimeter functions are:

  • automatic and manual range
  • relative range
  • frequency
  • capacity
  • continuity test
  • diode tester
  • temperature
  • peak hold
  • min/max
  • hold
  • accuracy of 0,2% on DCV measurements
  • auto power off


Other specifications

  • 3-5/6 digits – 6000 count – up to 5 updates per second
  • DCV 0,01V : 1000V
  • ACV TRUE RMS 0,01V : 1000V
  • DCA 0.1uA : 8A
  • ACA 0.1uA : 8A
  • Ohm 0,1 : 60M
  • Capacity 60nF : 3000uF
  • Temperature (K-TYPE probe) -50° : 1000°


Security rating and standards

  • CAT II 1000V
  • CAT III 600V
  • CAT IV 300V
  • EN61010-1 3rd Edition

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