Xytonix LF-1700


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Digital soldering station – ceramic heater with 70W heating power – 150° 450°

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Product Description

The high power 100W lead free temperature controlled soldering station. This soldering station was specially designed and developed to meet the Lead-free soldering needs of the electronic production industry. Soldering iron is very lights for great comfort during usage and connects via a highly flexible silicon burn-resistant cord to the base station. Soldering iron has 70W power ceramic heating element and temperature probe at the edge of the heating element ensuring great temperature recovery. Temperature che be easily adjusted from 150°C up to 480°C and can be locked by “password” code that is convenient for production line management. The electronic circuitry employs Zero Voltage switching techniques that prevent the generation of voltage and current spikes that could damage sensitive components. It has also sensing circuits that cut off heater power in case of failures to the heater or to the sensing circuit. The package includes also a separate stand for soldering iron with cleaning low abrasive brass shavings and a conical tip. The station has the auto sleep mode. This functions lower the tip temperature if the station has been left idle. A range of spare parts and alternative long lasting, iron clad, nickel/chrome soldering tips are available at this shop.

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