Use a 5€ k-type probe to measure with accuracy soldering iron tip temperature

I just want to share with you a very simple trick that you can use to measure temperature of your soldering iron tip with 5€ K type thermocouple.

I got a very good accuracy and repeatability (up to the degree) for temperature measurements by using this method, despite using a simple sub 5€ type K probe.

Don’t think you can go any better than this even by using a dedicated tip thermometer.

This is how to do it:

1. split the k-type thermocouple wires so you can stick your soldering iron tip inside the two thermocouple wires;

2. tin the tip of the soldering iron;

3. stick the soldering iron tip between the two wires of the thermocouple;

4. just slightly pull the thermocouple wires so they get good thermal contact with the soldering iron tip;

5. you should now have a very stable and accurate temperature reading on your multimeter;

6. ensure the two wires doesn’t short before touching the soldering iron;

that’s all. Pretty simple and enough accurate, don’t you think?

For your safety and to prevent damaging devices you are working, check also tip-to-ground resistance and leak voltage very often. You can follow this link and this other to know how to do it.

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CIAO – Domenico


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